Hi, Wanteds

This is Abhi, signing on. Well that’s the ‘About’ section, so you can’t complain me, if I sound like bragging about me.

I’ve played different roles, learned various things in my life. For an example, I am a Bio-Technology graduate, Finance and marketing post-graduate, been into finance for almost 2 years and finally realized that I am a programmer… a software developer from heart and due to my love for programming, I’ve made a switch again.

Currently I am a Software Developer, working in a small start-up on Android and java platforms in Indore, India. It’s ok if you want to 😮 or even if you want to faint, looking at my journey.

Due to the diversity of my knowledge (Warning:bragging), you’ll be able to read interesting stuffs on various subjects in my blog. I’d really appreciate, if you comment or even share my posts.

Lastly I would like to tell you why this is “The Most Wanted” and not “Tom,Dick or Harry’s interesting blog”. That’s because I would like to post about all those stuffs which are in demand and not what I wanted to post about. (FYI: I really wanted to post about what are my dreams and goals, to start with, how about Lamborghini). So don’t worry you won’t see any of the stuff here, which you don’t care about in your favorite category.

Suggestions are always welcome. (Don’t tell me about the design theme of the blog, I am gonna change it soon. You’ve missed it already :p )

Being The Most Wanted,


The Creator

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One comment on “About

  1. Hey Abhi – I’d like to get in touch with you regarding some opportunities. Please write back if interested. Found your profile on linkedin.


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